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A special little merry maker turned 4 this year and requested a Rainbow Unicorn themed birthday party in our Merry Room in downtown Wenatchee. Or as she says a "Wainbow Oonicorn!"

You don't have to ask me twice to go crazy with a Unicorn theme! So, Laila, our Birthday girl's ginormous Unicorn, and I got to work. I find it's helpful to enlist the help of an expert.

Wenatchee Party Planner

Guests arrived and were greeted with their own handmade felt unicorn horn. These were my inspiration for the party and were so fun to make! I used this tutorial  as my starting point. The kids loved wearing them and taking them home after the party.

DIY unicorn horns

We also had a little Unicorn photo booth and I used these props. My printer didn't love the matte photo paper, so they were a bit of a pain to print and time consuming to cut out, but worth it in the end. I glued them to our paper straws in coordinating colors. The kids loved posing with them!

unicorn theme

The little favor bags were full of cuteness!

unicorn decor

I couldn't resist these vial necklaces full of "Magic of a Unicorn" - the birthday girl still wears hers often! I did a little DIYing to get the unicorns to be as magical as I wanted them to be.

Here's how they started...

unicorn decor

Not quite magical enough, right?

So I painted them white to cover up their primary colors and red nostrils (why do they have red nostrils?!?) and glittered their tails and manes to fit with our pastel rainbow color palette. Much better.

unicorn themed favors

The favor bags were finished with a rainbow unicorn sucker and rainbow ribbon. Just perfect!

glitter balloons

Our Glitter Balloon Kit was the perfect addition to our photo booth area.

We played Pin-the-Horn on the Unicorn (which ended up being more like "Pin the Horn on the Wall Opposite of Where the Unicorn Is Even Though We Totally Pointed You In the Right Direction") and colored beautiful unicorn pictures with metallic and glitter pens!

wenatchee party planner


little girls birthday

We ate all sorts of rainbow/unicorn themed things - a rainbow fruit platter, funfetti and white chocolate bugles that looked like unicorn horns, unicorn poo (I know ... gross. They were just Skittles). But, the crowd favorite was the cake.


unicorn cake

The layers were vanilla cake colored to a pastel rainbow, the exterior a soft pink buttercream. I piped the hearts out of Candy Melts, let them dry and secured them with Karo Syrup. Did you know Karo Syrup acts like glue on frosting and fondant? Fantastic little secret for us non-bakers.

rainbow unicorn cake

Our little Unicorn cake topper was molded from fondant that I colored to match our theme. I couldn't find a tutorial, but Pinterest (of course) had many similar pictures that I just modified to fit my vision.


unicorn theme party

This sweet little Oonicorn had a great time!  

For more fun, Unicorn Party ideas shop our Rainbows & Unicorns party theme

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