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Unicorns, Unicorns, Unicorns

A special little merry maker turned 4 this year and requested a Rainbow Unicorn themed birthday party in our Merry Room in downtown Wenatchee. Or as she says a "Wainbow Oonicorn!" You don't have to ask me twice to go crazy with a Unicorn theme! So, Laila, our Birthday girl's ginormous...

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Vineyard Wedding

One of my favorite weddings last year was on my new friend, Janice's, gorgeous property in Wenatchee, Washington. Isn't that just the best thing about being a wedding planner! Every time, I end up with these amazing new friends for life!   So, new friend Janice's son was getting married...

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Graduates for the win!

Don't you just love graduation?!? It's so full of hope and dreams and optimism and team spirit! You go, Graduates! Go change the world!  Last year, my friend T asked me to help with her daughter's graduation from WHS. They had just finished this huge, amazing remodel in their backyard...

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