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We hosted our favorite merry making magician's 6th Birthday in the Merry Room last week and it was ridiculously fun! My kids go nuts about their birthday and pick their themes months in advance. We're talking about L's March birthday cake plan before we even begin to think about whether or not Santa will be visiting our house. I've created little party planning monsters! And I LOVE it!

I get so much joy out of planning my kids' parties. They just appreciate every little detail so much! Most of my adult friends don't jump up and down, squeal and run around in fast little circles when they show up to my parties. (Actually I do have one friend, Brooke, that does that. She has the same party, kid-pleasing illness I have.) So really, that's why I stay up until midnight after working all day (then feeding my family, helping with homework, thinking about but usually deciding not to fold laundry) to hot glue little medallions to tubes full of gumballs. Because I know that tube of gumballs is going to make one of those kids literally loose his ever-loving mind!  They're gumballs, people!!! And there are like 7 of them in there!!!

wenatchee party planner

So, when I plan a party I get a little lost in the fun of it.  And many of you might think that because I own Merriment there is no limit to what I'll do for a party.  But that little business I run needs my time and those two little people I am responsible for need to play with me and I am blessed enough to have a husband that likes to hang out with me. So, truthfully I don't have a ton of time to get completely lost. I can't make a 3 tier cake, 3 dozen beautiful little cookies, 7 different kinds of popcorn and 39 feet of magical paper banners and maintain my sanity. I also don't really want to spend a thousand dollars on each party because I like to travel and I really like colorful shoes (like really, really, really like colorful shoes).  And both of those things take dollars, too.  So I accept my time and budget limits and make it the most fun, cute, merry, magical party I can - within realistic constraints.  

Hosting the party in the Merry Room made it SO much easier for me!  I actually told my Merry Maker Krystal that day that I was brilliant for putting that party room in when I opened Merriment. I said those words to her. I was so glad not to have to clean my house before or after the party that I proclaimed my own brilliance! I left the frosting and sprinkles spread across my kitchen, packed up my decos, partied with magicians and left the mess for those fantastic Merry Makers. Brilliant.

Alright let's get to the good stuff. Pictures!

I started with these darling invitations from PixSew.  I mounted them on red cardstock, trimmed out the corners and added some little cardboard stars to give them some dimension.

magic theme invitations

I stuck with the black, white and red color theme that is so classically magical and worked on spreading it as far as I could.

I served Magic Potion (fruit punch & 7-Up - I know ... FANCY) in our Mason Sippers with our Black and White Chevron Cocktail Straws. I also dipped pretzel rods in white melted candy, sprinkled them with sparkly sugar and called them Magic Wands. We had fruit wands that were grapes threaded on a wooden skewer and topped with star shaped watermelon. And, of course, no magic show is complete without popcorn served in our Striped Popcorn Boxes. We also had some crazy delicious magic cookies beautifully decorated by our Merry Maker Krystal and a top hat cake with bunny ears popping out of it (more details on that little beauty below)!

magic theme party

magic potion

magic theme party

ncw event planner

My Mama and I have a tradition where we spend the night before the party decorating the cake.  We've made Peacocks, Dinosaurs, Globes, Airplanes, Puppies, Trains, Snowmen, Bugs and now a Magic Hat. We don't do it because we're good at it or because we have a bunch of extra time.  We do it because we have so much fun together trying to figure it out.  We seriously love making little ears out of rice krispy treats that won't stay upright no matter how many toothpicks we stick in them. And adding yet another sprinkle of food coloring to get it to red instead of ... nope still pink. That's another benefit of kid parties - they don't care what it looks like! It's CAKE! Just give them  a big slice with extra frosting and all pink floppy ears are forgiven.

magic theme party

I seriously love it when party guests (no age limit) wear a little something to reinforce the theme so I always incorporate a prop of some sort into my party favors.  This time I loaded a black top hat with a sequin bow tie, magic wand, a baggie of magic tricks and that glorious tube of gumballs. I gave the kiddos their costume attire when they arrived and saved the rest for when they left. It's impossible not to love a party room full of little magicians in top hats and bow ties!

magic party favors

magic party

magic party

magic party

For our Magic Show I created a little stage area that ended up being very popular for the kids to practice their own magic tricks.  I used giant playing cards and a "Magic Time" banner from Design Girl Studio. I also used the fantastic, ginormous playing cards and extra costume props throughout the space.

wenatchee event planner

ncw event planner

Mini top hats on a coat rack? Yes, please!

magic party decor

I wanted to get some great photos at this little shindig so decided to install a Photo Booth.  I bought red drapes for less than $20 and spiced up the interior with a sweet paper display from Suzy Is An Artist. The kids loved hamming it up for the camera and I love the memories!

magic party photo booth

wenatchee party planner

I mean, look at this face! He's completely in awe of the magic! THAT is why I do this!

magic party planner


Party Decor, Design & Planning: Merriment

Photography: Nicole Conner Photography





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