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Don't you just love graduation?!? It's so full of hope and dreams and optimism and team spirit! You go, Graduates! Go change the world! 

Last year, my friend T asked me to help with her daughter's graduation from WHS. They had just finished this huge, amazing remodel in their backyard and she wanted to celebrate around the pool with friends and family from all over the world.

Of course, I was in.

In true team spirit we went with the school colors - purple and gold - and added some whites in.

It was a very rare, insane 104 degree June day so keeping flowers, ice and humans from wilting was a wonderful challenge. 

Our buddy Lindsay B, is our go-to chalk artist and she did not disappoint with these gorgeous pieces that entertained and directed guests while they cruised up the driveway.

wenatchee event planner

graduation chalk art

 The party entry was defined with our Gold Megaloons and a sweet shot of 3 besties.

gold megaloons

 A combo of patio seating and cocktail rounds gave guests a chance to sit or stand while they nibbled and sipped. We personalized the centerpieces with childhood photos and meaningful quotes.

ncw event planner

graduation chalk art

In a nod to the family's farming heritage we used their delicious cherries in water and lemonade.

cherry lemonade wenatchee

We also had an Italian Soda Bar for guests to quench their thirst - it was super popular in the crazy heat! 

italian soda bar

Our 36" Balloons were throughout the pool area - we love them for the great impact they make with little effort and cost.

graduation party decor

I love to float things (including myself) in pools so we knew we had to come up with something fun to showcase the pool. We used these foam letters that are super sturdy, but float easily, in WHS 2015. We then covered them in silk flowers in purples, pushing the stems into the foam and securing with hot glue to ensure they'd stay put. We wired the letters and numbers together and used a weight to keep them in one location in the pool so they wouldn't just float to a corner. They were a HUGE hit!

floating floral letters

wenatchee event planner

The gorgeous graduate! 

graduation party ideas

It was a perfect day for a wonderful celebration!

I really hate to end on a sad note. Really hate it. But these pictures serve as a beautiful reminder of a home that housed a fantastic family and was full of love. 

Unfortunately, 3 weeks after this party T's neighborhood was hit with an extremely aggressive wildfire and 29 homes were gone in a matter of minutes. T's beautiful home was one of them. The family is safe, but they escaped with only the clothes on their backs and nothing else. It's been an incredibly hard year for the families affected. But they are rebuilding and regrouping and starting over. And in the process of this grief, they've supported each other as a community and created new bonds and memories.

If you'd like to help support them check with the Community Foundation of North Central Washington for more information.

You can also learn more about Wildland Fires and their effects on our community here.




Event Decor & Logistics: Merriment

Chalk Art: Lindsay B

Catering: Ivy Wild Catering



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