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It's our birthday, too, yeah!

That's right, we're turning TWO this month! It's hard to believe that we've been merry making with all of you for 2 years! It feels like just yesterday that we were pulling the surprise paper off our windows and opening our doors in downtown Wenatchee. 


I remember saying to Mr. Merry Maker as I looked around the shop "I feel like my brain threw up in here. I hope it doesn't scare anybody." 

Thankfully, nobody - not one single person - has run from our shop in terror! Phew.

Our first two years, have been a lot like the first two years of most peoples' lives.

  • We've learned a ridiculous amount of stuff. Some of it took a few tries to learn, some of it took hours upon hours with online support staff, some of it took a therapist and, we were delighted to discover that, some of those lessons were completely painless. Woot! That's the thing about owning a small business - you never stop learning. At least, you hope you never stop learning.
  • We celebrated many firsts. First customers, first DIY class, first employee, first (and second and third) revision of our cash flow projection, first website built, first online sale ... 
  • We cried. Sometimes we cried with each other, sometimes we cried with customers (one time I even cried with a total stranger) - tears of joy and sorrow as we share in this community of Merry Makers. Thank you for letting us be a part of your stories.
  • We made new friends. We have met so many amazing people and new friends in this process! That might be the biggest secret blessing of this whole journey - the connections we've made with all of you! You guys are freaking amazing.
  • We took scary first steps. Running a business is always full of risk and rarely are decisions easy and clear cut. I spend a lot of time analyzing and trying to figure out what-the-holy-heck is the correct move to make. That's scary. Pretty much all the time it's scary. But, then we take that first step and we're like "well ... that wasn't so bad" and we take another step and another until pretty soon it's been 2 years of happy little steps!
  • We threw tantrums. Well ... technically only one of us has thrown tantrums. We'll just call her "spirited." She knows who she is.
  • We laughed. Oh mama have we laughed! Usually at ourselves and our hilarious jokes. And sometimes at how people park. Oh, and if someone trips - gets us every time.

Merriment has brought us SO much joy. We seriously love showing up here every day to make things prettier and easier and to help you celebrate with those you love more.  

Thank you for being a part of our journey and being such beautiful Merry Makers!


Brianne & the Merry Makers




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